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Information Processing

Word or document processing/revisions - $25.00 per hour. Scanning documents and converting to text files - $25.00 per page (will include OCR conversion of your document, spell checking and converting to formatted document [e.g., MS Word, Word Perfect, or other text editor for Mac, DOS or Windows] and output to diskette).

Data Entry and Mail List Management

I can create and maintain databases on either a Mac or an IBM or compatible computer, using FileMaker Pro 3.0 (Mac and Windows), DBase III (DOS), or any other database application.

1-2500 records - $.15 per record / 2501-5000 records - $.12 per record / Over 5000 records - $.10 per record. (A record is defined as any number of fields of data, i.e., name, address, phone number, remarks, or whatever you desire your database to consist of, for a single individual or business.) Corrections will be billed at 60% of the above listed prices. (A correction is any number of changes to a specific record) Files can be output in whatever format you require (e.g., SYLK, BASIC (quote, comma), TABS delimited, DBF, MERGE, or ASCII) or as a formatted document to import to your database application.

I can also produce mailing labels on a laser (cut sheet - up to 33 labels per page) or continuous feed (dot matrix or type-wheel) labels. Laser Labels - $3.00 per page. Continuous feed labels - $15.00 per thousand - please specify 1, 2 or 3 across, self sticking or Cheshire labels.

Data Conversion

If you have an older system which does not allow you to export data to another platform, I can convert your DOS or Mac file so the other machine can read it. Each document - $30.00. $15.00 per 1000 records if a database conversion.

If the files to be converted are in a database, call and make sure I have the appropriate application for your records.

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