Webpage/website Design

Let NEW Enterprises construct your web page or web site for you. We will create for you a great looking page at a reasonable price, and we will have your site operational within 15 working days of receiving a signed contract. Our fees for constructing a web site are $45.00 per hour with a 4 hour minimum. We can also include your graphics (either photos scanned at high resolution or your original line art), or we can include generic art from my own extensive clip art gallery. After your site is constructed we will list it in on-line directories and search engines so people can find it.

Each page is formatted so that it can be printed on an 8 1/2" by 11" sheet of paper and is optimized for use by the latest web browsers. If the information on your home page requires more than one page, we can break it up into several pages, with appropriate links, or if the information covered is on one subject, we can embed anchors so your viewers can jump around the page.

Have a favorite photo or piece of art? Your photos or line art can be scanned and included. Or you can select art from my generic digital art files to be included. We can also create original line art or a custom digital logo for you. The fee for custom digital logos and artwork requires a minimum $45.00 setup charge that includes a 30 minute consultation. Custom artwork is created for you at $45.00 per hour.

After your site is constructed, we can also maintain it for you. If you need periodic updates, to add to or change the information in your pages, we can contract to do that for a monthly fee, or we will contract to maintain and update your site on a per event basis.

Want animation or sounds? They can be included! Music or a welcome message, animated GIFs or movies. Spice up your web site with the latest bells and whistles.

Single Personal Web Page - $65.00 (includes construction [1 image and up to 80 words of text] and hosting for a year) -additional pages at $45.00 each page - additional images at $20.00 each image - no email

Single Personal Web Page - $50.00 (includes construction [1 image and up to 80 words of text] - posted to your website at another domain) - additional pages at $37.50 each page - additional images at $20.00 each image.

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