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Great Lakes Bootcamp 1969

Born September 12, 1952, in Binghamton, New York, the fifth of what would ultimately be 14 children, to Harold M. and Helen R. (Doolittle) Wright. In 1969, at age 17, after receiving an ultimatum from his father to either "get a job or get out of the house," Neil did both by joining the U.S. Navy.


While assigned to CTF 72 staff Kamiseya, JA 1978 - Official US Navy photograph

During the next 10 years, Neil was assigned to a number of ships and shore commands, and traveled around the Pacific from Australia in the south to Korea and Japan in the north, and from California to Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. While embarked in the USS Fresno (LST 1182), he made 3 combat cruises to Viet Nam in 1970-71. Neil's duties during these years included (among other things) Radioman, computer operator, electronics tech, training officer, Master-at-arms, Communications Officer, Top Secret Control Officer and, for a couple of weeks while the Admiral was at sea (due to a combination of error and an emergency leave order from the Red Cross), Officer in Charge of CTF 76/COMPHIBFOR7THFLT's Beach Detachment in Okinawa.

In February of 1980, after 10 years, 3 months and 3 days of (more or less) honest and faithful service, he received an honorable discharge from the U.S. Navy and went to Oklahoma, where he became a police officer. In 1983, Neil resigned his commission from the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety/Oklahoma Highway Patrol and joined the ranks of the self-employed.

Since 1983, Neil has conducted business as NEW Enterprises. As NEW Enterprises, Neil has sold fire, safety and security systems, done work as a Security Consultant and as a Computer Consultant, worked as a construction sub-contractor, been a political activist and, until he left the Los Angeles area, ran a moderately successful business with an established client base. But after the Rodney King verdict riots in 1992, Neil wanted a change, so when the chance presented itself in 1993, he moved to Tucson, Arizona.

While in Tucson, Neil worked as a salesman, as a Security Officer for a number of security companies, and as an ATM guard and armored transport driver for Wells Fargo Armored/ATM Service. In January 1996, he joined the Arizona Rangers, and served with the Rangers until October 1996.

In October 1996 Neil put his mobile home in storage and returned to the Los Angeles area for personal and business reasons. In January 1998, Neil moved back to Arizona, settling in Lake Havasu City, on the Colorado River. In 2008 he moved 90 miles south to Ehrenberg, AZ.  He can be reached at (928) 575-5016, or by e-mail at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Here is a list of the commands to which I was assigned during my Naval career:


Enlisted at Binghamton, NY
Boot camp at RTC Great Lakes, IL 11/25/69 - 2/10/70
RM 'A" School at NTC Bainbridge, MD 2/25/70 - 7/2/70
USS Fresno (LST-1182) 7/21/70 - 11/16/71
NTCC Subic Bay, Republic of Philippines 11/22/71 - 2/3/73
NTCC Long Beach, CA 3/5/73 - 6/1/75
NCS Diego Garcia, B.I.O.T. (TAD with a CAT team) 12/8/73 - 3/17/74
CTF 76/COMPHIBFORSEVENTHFLT, White Beach, Okinawa, Japan 6/5/75 - 1/11/78
Discharged at NSA, Treasure Island, San Francisco, Feb. 27, 1980

If anyone reading this page was stationed at any of these places, please contact me at my email address above. I would love to hear from you.

Neil E. Wright, RM2, D108718, USN (1969-1980)

Here be my first ship, the USS FRESNO (LST 1182):

USS Fresno (LST-1182)

USS FRESNO Awards, Citations and Campaign Ribbons
National Defense Service MedalVietnam Service Vietnam Campaign
Precedence of awards is from top to bottom, left to right
Top Row - Navy Battle "E" Ribbon
Bottom Row - National Defense Service Medal - Vietnam Service Medal (2) - Republic of Vietnam Campaign Medal